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Stephen King

Stephen King "The King of Terror"

He has writen some books with Dean Koontz

Stephen King gets interviewed by Seth Meyers

Facts1. He was born on September 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine2. He has 3 children3. He has an adopted brother, David.4.He won 15 Bram Stoker Awards from 1987-20135. Throughout his whole writing carrer, he has recieved a total 25 types of awards, but won 60 awards altogether.

Important Events1. On January 9, 1959, he began his writing carrer with his adopted brother, David2. On June 19, 1999, he was hit by a car when he was walking alongside a highway3. On August 27, 1974, he published his first novel, Carrie

Unusual and IterestingFacts1. He doesn't want to get his teeth fixed even though he has buck teeth.2. He has other series under the name: Richard Bachman.3. He only started writing thrillers because he saw a friend get killed by a train when he was little.4. Two of his children and his wife are American authors and comic book writers.

Stephen was born in America

Stephen King lives in this house in Bangor, Maine with his family

These are some of his wolrd famous books that have turn into movies

The King Family


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