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Stephen King-Cujo

"Cujo was grinning at her. She felt a scream building up in her chest, coming up in her throat like iron, because she could feel the dog thinking at her, telling her 'I'm going to get you, babe'". (King, 174)

Cujo is a bestselling fantasy novel written by Stephen King. Cujo is Stephens’s eleventh novel and won awards such as the British Fantasy Award in 1982 and the August Derleth Award also in 1982. Cujo is told in the third person omniscient and follows such characters as Donna and Vic Trenton and their four year-old son Tad. The whole story revolves around a dog named Cujo. Cujo is a Saint Bernard who is owned by a local mechanic, Joe Chamber. He is a loving and friendly dog. One day Vic was having car problems so he took the car to Joe Chamber the owner of a rural garage on the outskirts of Castle Rock. Vic was really happy with the service that he got on his car. Cujo after the visit from the Trentons finds a rabbit and chases it into a cave. In the cave he gets bitten by a bat on the tip of his nose and gets rabies. A year later Vic who works for a company called AdWorx has to go on a business trip for Sharp Cereal (the company's biggest client) for four days. At the same time Donnas car is not working so Vic tells her to call up Joe Chamber and get the car fixed. At the same time Cujo is going on a killing spree. He kills Joes friend Gary Periver who is also Joes neighbor. As Joe goes to Gary’s house ready to go to boston with hims for a week of drinking he finds him the kitchen dead. He goes to call the police but Cujo is there and kills him. Donna needs to get her car fixed so she tries to call Joe, but to no success. Donna decides to drive to Joes with Tad in the backseat. When they get there no one is around until Cujo appears. Donna sees that Cujo is dangerous so tries to drive back but her car wont start. As time passes Tad is getting very dehydrated so Donna tries to get out of the car into the house. As she gets out Cujo is there waiting and bites her in the arm and belly before Donna can get back into the car. Later on the sheriff arrives because Vic is worried about where they are. The sheriff gets attacked by Cujo and killed. At that point Donna has no other option but to pick up a baseball bat lying on the driveway and beat Cujo to death. Vic finally arrives to see that Donna has killed Cujo but Tad is dead in the car. In the end of the story it shows the Trentons trying to continue their life.

Stephan King Cujo

Stephan King

Cujo Summary


"Except the monster never dies. Werewolf, vampire, ghoul, unnamable creature from the wastes. The monster never dies." (King, 4)


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