Stephen Joseph Harper

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Stephen Joseph Harper

Early Life Stephen Joseph Harper mas born on April 30 1959 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In high school Harper joined the Young Liberals Club, which turned out to be just the beginning of a politically active life. After graduating he went into the petrolium indrustry, before being the executive assistant to Calgary’s Progressive Conservative MP Jim Hawkes. Harper went to the University of Calgary where he got both a bachelor's degree (1885) and a master's degree (1991) in economics. In 1986 Harper left Hawkes's side.

"It is the Parliament that's supposed to run the country, not just the largest party and the single leader of that party"

Political riseIn 1993 Harper was elected to the House of Commons as a Reform candidate.Due to a misunderstanding with the party leader, Harper decided to not candidate again in 1997. Instead he became the leader of the National Citizens Coalition and in 2001 he candidated to become the leader of a new party, the Canadian Alliance Party. He won the election and in 2004 the party united with the Progressive Conservative Party to become the Conservative party with Harper as the leader.

Prime Minister HarperHarper was sworn in on Fabuary 2006 as the second Prime Minister. He was a proponent of smaller government and social conservatism.Harper focused on reducing taxes, enlarging the military and securing Arctic waters.In 2011 the Parliament acused Harper of having withheld information and held an election that Harper won by even more so he was in charge of a majority government.In 2015 November 4 the Conservative Party lost the elections and Harper stepped down as the leader of the party.

Stephen Joseph Harper


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