Stephen Hawking

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Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Birth on January 8th, 1942

Stephen Hawking who is broken in body but from the spirit is a British cosmologist, theoretical physicist. He graduated from the University of Oxford and got a Ph.D from the University of Cambridge. In 1956, seventeen-year-old Hawking was at Oxford, he took a little time to conquer a undergraduate degree of natural science and he transferred to the Unversity of Cambridge to study cosmology. Unfortunately, a young man at age of 21 suffered from a rare early-onset, slow-progressing form of ALS,( amyotrophical lateral sclerosis)also known as motor neurone disease in the U.K.. Today, Haking only can use two fingers attaching a speech-generating device to communicate with others.


1975 Eddington Medal1976 Hughes Medal of R.S.1979 Albert Einstein Medal1985 Gold Medal of the R.A.S.1988 Wolf Prize in physics1989 Companion of Honour is2006 Copley Medal of the R.S.2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom


Contribution 1970 Singularity Theorems  1974 Hawking Radiation

Hawking's first contribution to physics is his idea of singularity. A singularity is a place that in either space or time where the quantity becomes infinite. This is found in a black hole-final stage of a star and it has infinite strength. Hawking's work came both Penrose and Einstein. He shows that the universal has its own origins in a singularity and his research let him acquire characteristics of the black hole. A black hole event horizon can be detected. Hawking proved that surface area of the event horizon can only increase. When 2 black holes  merged the surface area of the new hole is larger than the sum of the 2 origin.

Another contribution is Hawking noticed that black holes can give off heat, which opposed the idea which nothing could escape the black hole and black holes are immense in size due to the end result of the collapse of gigantic stars. Black holes have many particles which have been named after him- Hawking Radiation.


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