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Stephen Foster

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Biography Stephen Collins Foster was born on July 4, 1826. He was the ninth child of William B. and Eliza T. Foster's ten children. When foster was young, he disliked school, and had more interest in music than any other subjects. Foster recieved musical training from an accomplished, talented German musician. When he was a teen, Foster was a part of an all-male secret club. One of the club's main principal activities was singing. Foster was song leader and composer, and some of his songs were composed for the group. "Open Thy Lattice Love," his first published song, was published when he was only 18. At age 20, he worked as a book keeper, and sold some of his songs to a local music publisher. He had his first big hit with "Oh! Susanna." At age 24, he had 12 compositions in print, and returned to Pittsburg, got married, and launched his career as a songwriter.

Stephen Foster

Contributions:"Oh! Susanna""The Battle Cry of Freedom""Dixie's Land""When Johnny Comes Marching Home"

Foster didn't perform music professionally. He wasn't well known to public, and his songs were oftened referred to as folk songs. For instance, ''Oh! Susanna'' became somewhat of a theme song for the Fourty-niners during the goldrush. Also, Foster's older songs were favored among soldiers and cicilians from the North and South.


Oh! Susanna


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