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Stephen F. Austin

Stephen F.Austin was born on November 3, 1793 in Austinville.When Stephen F. Austin was four,his family had moved west.When Stephen F. Austin was eleven,his family wanted Stephen F. Austin to be educated so they sent him to school.Those two schools that he went where named Bacon Academy andTransylvania University.When Stephen F. Austin finished school he wanted to move to a new territory.After many things happened in the new territory,Stephen F. Austin wanted to move to Louisiana.Stephen F. Austin had died on December 27,1836 and was buried in the Gulf Prarie cemetery.Stephen F. Austin was never forgottin and he will always be the great father of Texas.


November 3,1793- bornBacon Academy and Transylvania University- Where he went to schoolLouisiana - Where Stephen F. Austin movedNew Oreleans lawyer and Kentucky congress man -Who Stephen F.Austin stayed with in LouisianaDecember 27,1836 - died and also was buried in the Gulf Prarie Cemetery.

Stephen F. Austin made his own colony and lead a command group.Graduated from Bacon Academy and Transylvania University.

Lasting Impact

Stephen F. Austin is important to us because he was known for the father of Texas.He had helped the Texans lead to victory and helped defeat General Santa Anna.



Stephen F.Austin


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