Stephen F. Austin

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Stephen F. Austin


1821-Founding of Colony1829-Mexico Outlaws Slavery1830- 25,000 Americans & Only 4,oo0 Tejanos in Texas1833- Santa Anna throws me in jail after request for new leader1835-Texans Revolt Santa Anna sends 6,000 troopsMarch 1836-Alamo falls and all defenders dieApril 1836-Sam Houston lures Santa Anna deep into Texas and launches surprise attack while they sleep, holds Santa Anna ransom for Texas's freedom1836-1845-Texas remains independent as Lone Star Republic until becoming part of the U.S.

My greatest accomplishments are founding the first American colony in Texas, which was my father's greatest dream, I grew the colony to over 25,000 people, I fought for just rule throughout Texas and Mexico and I inspired Texans to fight for their freedom and have pride in their country.

Lasting Impact

Stephen F. Austin lit the fire for independence in Texas and now has a city named after him there.


Stephen F. Austin: Alamo: American History textbook

Stephen F. Austin and the story of Texan Independence




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