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Stephanie Lacefield-Rossdale

I have been working in the hospitality Industry for the last 15 years. I have quite a bit of experience in working with and trainig people from different cultures and who speak different languages. I have worked with people from all over the world, including but not limited to Hungry, Turkey, Lithuiania, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Egypt and China. I love learning about languages and cultures and look forward to learning about my students and their families. I know that some times there are cultural differences that require understanding so as not to be taken as disrespectful, for instance some cultures can perceive extend eye conatact as being confrontational.I believe though that reguardless of language barriers people can tell when you really care about them and when you are trying to connect with them.I do not antcipate many issues in class with English language learning this year because we do not have any students that are currently classified as LY. However, I antcipate that there may still be issues with communication with parents and homework support.

My Students

My name is Stephanie Rossdale. My major is Elementary Ed. I am a full time student and Mother of 3.

I am an intern at Calusa Park Elementary in Naples. I am working in a 3rd grade class. Our class has 17 students. 3 of the students ar black (1 haitian), At least 5 of them are Hispanic, 2 of those are classified LF. 4 of the students are identified gifted and 1 is identified as having emotional issues. The whole class is on or above grade level.

Stephanie Lacefield-Rossdale

Experience with Diversity

About Me


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