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Stephanie Kwolek

Stephanie grew up to be an fantastic scientist. First things first, according to the website Famous Scientists, after Stephanie worked 9 years at DuPont, she made and discovered a cloudy substance. She sent it to the spinning area and the people who worked there sent the thread made from it to the testing facility. A few days later the tests came back and they said the thread was 5 times stronger than steel! In addition, in the book Stopping Bullets with a Thread, it stated that later the thread made from the threaf was soon called Kevlar and was used to make bullet-resistant objects. . Next, on the website, it said that Kevlar has saved many lives. It has saved soldiers, and police officers from being shot. After she made Kevlar , then she spent the rest of her life working at DuPont. Finally, on the website it said that Stephanie Kwolek died on June 18, 2014 with many chemistry and technology awards, and best of all she was admitted to the National Inventors Hall of Fame. All in all, Stephanie did grow up to be an fantastic scientist.

1923- Birth1933 - Dad dies1946 - Graduates from College1946 - Recuited to Dupont1955 - Creates Kevlar1994 - Wins National Inventors Hall of Fame2014 - Dies at 90

National Medal of Technology; the Perkin Medal, which is seen as the highest award in American industrial chemistry; the Chemical Pioneer Award of the American Institute of Chemists; and the Howard N. Potts Medal for Engineering. In 1994, she was admitted to the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Made Kevlar to save many officers and soldiers from getting shot and killed

Books: Stopping Bullets With A ThreadWebsites: Dupont site ; FamousScientists.comPictures:

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Stephanie Kwolek


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