Stephanie Keil

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Stephanie Keil



Future/Personal Legend:

Get married

Visit Ireland

Own a beach house

Move to Tallahassee, Florida

The past doesn't really meananything to me. I mean, of course I do miss it at times. The past it just a bunch of memories that I can't change while the people in them do. And a lot of times I do miss thememories. But, I'm more worried about what I have now and what I will have in the future.

The future is what I look forward to and what I hope to have. I just want to be happy in the future. I want to prove everyone wrong and show them that I can make it on my own because some people will tell you that you can't.

The present is what I have now and what will hopefully stay in my future. These are the only people I need to live and who I know will always be by my side. Like they say, just 'cause you're breathing doesn't mean you're alive. I want to just live my life right now with no worries.

We all have been degraded, we all will be the greatest.


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