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I've got one of the biggest Czech companies, I'm the minister of finance and I used to be a secret agent.No, it's a political joke, but you don't know what I'm talking about because you're not from the Czech Republic.

And some information about me:I'm something about 183 cm tall and 70 kilograms heavy.I hate dumb people. (and I'm more clever than Aleš but let's let him think it's not true)I was born in 1999 and my parents are doctors.


My life

I live in a family house on the outskirts of our town. We've got beautiful forests around our house, but it's just 10 minutes of walking to the centre. We are a big family, I've got 3 siblings+ a dog and a cat.

...and cars, this Lancia is one of my favourite

I like Rock Music

I'm going to study stomatology, I hope I'll get there. If not, my parents are doctors, so I'll follow them.

I love rowing...(I'm on the left)

I am geek, that's important, my friends are geeks too, so we are one, happy, free, cool, in and geeky fellowship.I like Apple 'cause I'm a bit perfectionist (just a little bit, when I don't need anything, I'm lazy) (and Hipsters use it, so it's cool).


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