STEM Portfolios In Education

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STEM Portfolios In Education

Digital Storytelling

The STEM Standards of Practice are a given set of guidelines used to determine what it is that each student should be successful and fluent in completing by a certain grade level. They are needed as a basis to help students, and teachers, to be successful when engaging in a STEM project.

STEM education is working collaboratively with a team of teachers developing lessons and units that we will implement in our classrooms, allowing our students to demonstrate skills using their knowledge in the areas of science, engineering, mathematics and technology to make the right applications to solve a problem or develop a project that incorporates a need for them to have a working understanding of these overlapping disciplines.



Why ?


BenefitsThe benefits of digital portfolios is that they can show student growth and reflection over long periods of time in either one course or a grouping of related courses. Since they are stored digitally they can be updated over periods of time without the worry or hassle of having to maintain physic documents.Portfolios allow students to express themselves using different types of media (video, pictures, documents, charts, etc..) and they are not confined to what they can physically write or draw.E-portfolios are a great vehicle for student reflection and can easily be shared with other students or teachers.

Dougan (1996) pointed that the following list of factors needs to be considered by academic departments prior to introducing portfolios for their students:- Determining whether the portfolio is a suitable means of assessment for the students- Determining the purpose of the portfolio- Determining the content of the portfolio- Determining when and how the portfolio will be presented for evaluation- Determining the evaluation criteria

Creating an e-portfolio


ChallengesHaving students buy into the process is a challenge. Students who are English Language Learners may find it challenging to utilize new applications (unless they have a built in way to change the language to their native language). The time it takes for students to learn the tools may outweigh time spent on reflection and compilation of work.


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