Stem Cells

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Cell Biology

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Stem Cells

In this movie, a sort of powder made up of stem cells is used to regenerate a soldier's finger successfully!

Fast Facts - Stem cells are undiffiritianted cells that are able to differentiate into all specialized cell types. - Regeneration is the act of renewal, growth or restoration of cells involved in maturation, tissue repair and similar biological functions.

Stem Cells and Organ Regeneration

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Stem Cells Regeneration Process1.- Adult Stem Cells are extarcted from the patient's bone marrow. 2.- An unfertilized egg cell is obtained from a donor. The nuclear DNA is removed from egg cell.

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3.- The patient's cell is the inserted within the cell membrane of the donor's unfertilized egg cell.4.- Embryonic cells start to divide, and eventually, become stem cells, capable of changing into any cell in the body. 5.- Scientist believe, that in the future, specific celll types derived from stem cells could be transplanted into the original patient.

Stem Cells Regeneration Process


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