Stem Cells

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Stem Cells

Adult stem cells are derived from various organs of adults, particularly bone marrow - scientists have yet to determine a specific source

Stem Cells

Stem cells are found inside embryos as embryonic stem cells, as well as in adults as stomatic cells

Stem cells can be used for curing diseases and replacing lost tissue

Stem cells be used in repairing many different areas such as soft and hard tissue damage, cancerous cells, and pharmaceuticals.

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Embryonic stem cells used for research are derived in vitro in a lab-not from a woman's womb

Many believe that stem cells are inhumane or immoral as they are most effeciently taken from embryos

How are stem cells used in bio-medicine and what is their purpose

Reasons against the use and research of stem cells is based soley on moral and ethical belief. Most of those opposed cite religious beliefs as their reasoning.

Stem cells differentiate when they are placed inside an environment. They can take the form of multiple types of cells.


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    lol i'm atheist and I still think killing innocent human children is wrong. they have their own unique dna dude. you took biology. if a human gets pregnant, what is the species inside it? not elephant, not unkown, it's human. well, maybe after three years you took some more challenging science courses rather than politicized propaganda classes.