Stem Cells, (Assignment), Biology

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Stem Cells, (Assignment), Biology

In my case study, the main character,Jim, had gotten into a car crash which caused him to be paralyzed from the chest down. There were several different treatments to choose from but in the end, he chose to take part in embryonic stem cell theropy. These stem cells would be injected into the areas of the body where there was severe nerve damage.If I were Jim and his parents, I think that I would go through with the stem cell therapy. Even though the science field may be years away from having consistent success with this type of therapy, there have been success stories. I personally would do anything that would help my son or daughter to live their life with full potentail to be able to do anything that they wanted to do . Even if that meant going against my religious beliefs. I also read on a few websites that the stem cells do not come from aborted fetuses and that these embryonic stem cells have the most potential to become any kind of cell in the body. This would be another reason that I would go through with this procedure, because of the infintie possibilities. Everything comes with uncertainty and sometimes we just have to step back and take a chance.Sources Used

Stem Cells: What Would You Do?

By: Karley Dochterman

Stem cells are cells that have the potential to become any kind of cell in the body but don't yet have a function.

What Are Stem Cells and What are Their Functions?

SO What's the Difference Between Adult and Embryonic Stem Cells? Adult, or somatic stem cells are found in clusters within the body calledniches. These are things like hair follicles, brain, liver, bone marrow, andskin cells. Because they are adult cells once they begin to develop morethey are limited as to what types of cells that thay can become and with less potential to do so. Embryonic stem cells come from in vitro fertilization procedures, not fromaborted fetuses, like most people think. Once they are obtained, they are placed in small colonies where they continue to grow and multiply. Because they are not yet fully developed, scientists can make these cells into almost any type cell which also means that they have much more potential to become whatever cells are needed in the body.

Three Reasons to Participate in Stem Cell Research.1. Stem cells do not come from aborted fetuses2. Embryonic stem cells have the potential to become a wide variety of tissues.3. There have been a few studies done with embryonicstem cells that have worked. Three Reasons Not to Participate in Stem Cell Research.1. Body could reject stem cells2.Could be considered tampering with human life.3.Years away from consistent success with this therapy..



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