Stem at Bechtel

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Stem at Bechtel

STEM at Bechtel 2012-2013

We built the tallest tower with one sheet of newspaper!

Fifth graders demonstrate an experiment to third graders about how fertilizer helps plants grow.

Fifth grade GE students compete with Kubasaki students in a Mindstorms competition.

Third graders design the best trash picker-uppers. Now let's clean up this mess!

A Bechtel fifth grader represents DoDDS at the Okinawa Electric Company Exposition.

All 4th and 5th graders enjoyed programming the new Mindstorms robots during STEM Week!

Bechtel students enjoyedmany great presentationsduring STEM Week!

A Bechtel 3rd grader explains his award-winning project to fifth graders during STEM Week.


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