Steller's Sea Lion

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Steller's Sea Lion

Steller's Sea Lion-Eumetopias jubatus

By: Kaitlyn Reimer

Environment The Steller Sea Lions live on rocky shores off of the coast. They have an Environment with salty water that is filled will lots of fish. Some places that they are located at are, Pacific Ocean, Japan, Russia, Alaska, and south to Northern California.

Physical DescriptionSeals dont have external ear flaps, but Sea Lions do. Sea Lions have long, thick necks with two front flippers and one flexabled hind flipper. Sea Lions have large eyes and thick whiskers on their snouts. Adult Male- 1500 lbs, about 12 feet. Males have brown backs and reddish brown bellie's. Adult Female- 600 lbs, about 9 feet. Females are all brown in color.

Trophic LevelThe Sea Lion's perfer to eat fish, especially Cod, Salmon, Herring, and Flounder. They also eat Octopus, Squid, Black fish, Rock rish, Greenling and Crab. Killer Whales and Sharks are their main predator. Sea Lion's are Carnivores. They feed at night in water less than 600 feet deep within 10 to 15 miles of the shore.

Cause:In 1960s and 70s, people would use the Sea Lions skin, for coats and boats so they commercially traped Sea Lions. Also now a days, there is oil and gas explorations. Also there is pollution that effects their environment alot.

Protection of the Steller's Sea LionThe Steller's Sea Lion is still found in the wild. In 1972 Marine Mammal Protection Act made it illegal to trap Sea Lions. They are hauled out in to remote areas. There are many protective zones and they have catch harvast limits. NMFS has implemented a complex suite of fishery management that is is used to minimize competition between fishing and the endangered population of Steller Sea Lions in criticle habitat areas. The protection of Steller Sea Lions is succeeding.

Unique AdaptationsSea Lions body shape is perfect for diving into the cold ocean water in search for food. Their long, Sensative whiskers help them find food while swimming in the deep dark ocean. Sea Lions can be underwater for 40 minutes and swim for 900 miles.


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