Stella's Soil Project Glog

by misslegacy
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Stella's Soil Project Glog

Purpose:My name is Stella. My project will show which type of soil seeds grow best in: Sand or soil or rocks.

Soil Project Title:Seed Growth: Soil vs Sand vs Rocks

Hypothesis:My hypothesis is that the seeds in the soil will grow the most and the fastest.

Procedure:Step 1: Placed seeds in water. Left them in the water for 24 hours.Step 2: Planted the seeds in the 3 different types of soil.Step 3: Took pictures of the plants to show progress.

Final Results for RocksNO GROWTH.

Final Results for SandSOME GROWTH.

Final Results for SoilMOST GROWTH!!

1 week growth status:Soil and sand = Some growthRocks = No growth

Seed Packet

Actual Seeds

Water Used in Pots 1 time per week

Pots right after seed planting

Conclusion:Seeds grew the most in the soil.Seeds grew the second most in the sand.Seeds did not grow at all in the rocks.



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