[2016] Stefan Liotchev: Stefan Liotchev Intro

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[2016] Stefan Liotchev: Stefan Liotchev Intro

My greatest accomplishments in sport have come in cross country & track in college. In running, these accomplishments are recognized by personal best (PB) times. Below is a list of some of my most prominent PBs, along with the event and date they took place: 800: 2:04 (3/10) Mile: 4:31 (2/09) 3000: 9:11(4/09) 5000: 15:29 (4/11) 10k: 33:44 (4/12)NCAA National XC Championships competitor 2011This past summer, I returned to competitive collegiate running in the form of coaching. Along with being a student at NCCU, I also lead the school's Cross Country team, as well as coach the distance athletes in track.

My Name is Stefan Liotchev. On March 21, 1990, I was born in the Eastern Europenan country of Bulgaria. My residence in Bulgaria was shortlived, however. After the fall of Socialism as a result of the decline of the USSR in 1990, the economy collapsed, and many in the country were left jobless; my parents included. In October 1990 my father accepted a job at Duke University, and my family relocated to Durham, NC; which I've called home ever since.

Stefan LiotchevAthlete, Coach, Aspiring Physical Educator, Boyfriend, Travel and Food Enthusiast




Personal Life

One of the most strenuos hikes I ever completed was of Grandfather mountain at the Age of four! Most parents wouldn't take their children on walks, let alone hikes up a mountain. My parents did, and I walked the entire trek, even the parts that were so steep, requiring the use of a ladder. That exposure to regular physical activity, has instilled such a lifestyle in me. Physical education and ensuring that all children receive adequate amounts of physical activity to sustain good health is a passion of mine. Therefore, I am back in school pursuing a second degree in PE, as the best way to reach these children is through being an educator. When I'm not consumed by my studies I enjoy working out, most notably running, being outdoors, spending time with my friends and family, and of course, looking for fun excursions around Durham and elsewhere, with my girlfriend, Katie.

While I am now pursuing a career in PE, it was not the first subject area I pursued. In 2008, upon graduating from Riverside High School, I enrolled in Queens University of Charlotte, where I majored in and graduated with a BA in Sports Communication in 2012. Along with my studies, I was a member of the school's Cross Country and Track program. Complementing my degrees are National certifications in personal training, as well as coaching in high school. Curently I am enrolled in the second degree program, majoring in PE, which will allow me to teach grades K-12. My targeted graduation date is May of 2017.


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