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Steampunk is, at the beginning, a litterary genre, a subgenre of the science fiction. Jules Verne or Albert Robida are the most known writers for writing this style. It appears during the Industrial revolution, in the 20th century, with the massive use of steam machines. Now steampunk is more considered as a "style".


Goggles are the most important item for a steampunk, I think. It's a kind of aviator glasses !

This is a music of a group called "Steam Powered Giraffe". This group is famous in the steampunk culture.

These are exemples of people who wear the steampunk style!

To be a steampunk, you have to wear goggles for sure! Gears are a part of your clothes. It's more funny to do it by yourself. For girls, dresses are favored and for boys, trench coats are nicer. Boots aren't essential but it's a little bit prettier.You'll look like somemone who isn't in the right century!


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