Steampunk; Art, Style, Culture

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Steampunk; Art, Style, Culture

Steampunk;Art, Style, Culture

Common example of steampunk art

Steampunk comic book

A motorcycle that has been designed with steampunk inspiration

Steampunk Lamp

Steampunk is a style of science fiction. It is retrovictorian genre of literature in which there is technology powered by steam, think steam locomotives. Steampunk is also a style of art where artists take gears, copper tubing, and other moving parts to add a look of historic technology paired futuristic ideas.Steampunk also manifests itself as a social culture. The people who embrass this take on the ideals and style of the victorian era. Steampunk is a great hobby where people can express their artistic side through daily this type of style and fashion.

Steam Powered Giraffe, a steampunk band

People will create steampunk inspired sculputers

Literature helped fuel the culture;Jules Verne and HG Wells

Steampunk often apears in film;"Wild Wild West" -1999


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