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Stay With Me

"Among injured workers under the age 25, more than 50% of them were hurt in the first six months on the job. Nearly 20% of the injuries and fatalities happen during the first month on the job."

Stay With Me

If the dangers around your workplace are not taken into consideration, you could lose you life. Take care and stay with me, because your all I need.

Since younger workers have not developed their experience with having a job or having the ability to evaluate the conditions or events that could be harmful, a lot of organizations have provided it is vital that all new employees follow the rules and regulations to keep themselves and everyone around them safe.

To solve this problem, new employees should be given more precise training before they begin their jobs to avoid any injuries or accidents when they start their jobs.

There are over 950 claims of injuries by lifting heavy objects for young workers.

To solve this matter, the employers to give consideration of giving the right job to the right person, in this case maybe giving the heavy box lifting to somebody who would be more capable than just giving it to young workers.

According to a Canadian health survey, adolescents and young adults are twice as likely to sustain a work injury as adults, and about 1.5 times as likely when you take into account the kinds of jobs young workers do and also their tendency to work part-time.

These situations are caused because young Canadians perform more physical work than adults, which increases their injury risk.To decrease the risks of injuries at work, the safety of the workplace needs to be considered by employers. The younger employees can also try to find jobs that do not require a lot of physical work and those that are also safer.

A survey conducted in Ontario showed that younger workers encountered more unsafe work conditions than older workers.

Only 23 per cent of workers aged 15 to 24 who were in their first year on the job reported that they had received safety, orientation or equipment training. Forty-six percent said they had received no training at all.

In these cases, it is up to the employers to ensure that their new employees receive the proper training to be successful in their job. If the new employees are just thrown into their first day unprepared there are bound to be injuries and damages, for them and for their fellow employees.


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