Stations Day Review Our Unit On Decimals

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Stations Day Review Our Unit On Decimals

Station Day!

Review our unit on Decimals

You and your partner will play the card game war with the fraction and decimal cards. Split the deck in half then both students will flip one card. The student with the highest number gets both cards. The first student with all the cards wins.

You and a partner will get three dice. Both students will roll the dice and create the largest fraction possible. Record each of your numbers on the worksheet. The student will the largest number gets a tally. The most tallies at the end wins.


Pick up an iPad and you may play the two ordering fractions games on the internet or the Number Line App where you place the decimals and fractions on the number line.

Play memory with the decimal cards. Flip two cards at once. If they are equivalent fractions, decimals, words, or models you can keep them. Flip all the cards to win the game.

Create a decimal flip sheet by folding a paper in half like a hot dog. Then cut one half of the sheet into six parts. Fill in each section with decimal, fraction, word form, monetary, model, and number line. Pick a fraction number and write it in all the different forms








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