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Number Operations

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Station Rotation

Station Rotation is the model I selected to be used with MAC desktop computers, buying ST Math (bought by Admin), borrowing Moby Max (it's Free! or upgrade for small price) and building my own videos to place on Edmodo LMS. Students will be engaged with their individual ONLINE COMPONENT, and engaged OFFLINE in collaborative activities (perhaps quietly practicing count to 5 song together, if that is their shared goal). Teacher guides small group instruction based on DATA regarding which skills need to be reinforced.

YouTube Videos - by HAVE FUN TEACHING, MOBY MAX and NEO from D. IMAGES: St Math, Moby Max, Stayathome Mathour source list- MLA format- At least one book and one Internet source

Station Rotation

Students rotate between centers with an online component on MAC COMPUTERS. In this Station Rotation for math, IEP goals of COUNTING are reinforced. Students will rotate at fixed points in time accessing ST MATH, MOBY MAX or specific videos for COUNTING BY 5s and COUNTING WITH TEN FRAMES>.

Moby Max Video above, Count by 5s Video below

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IEP Goals, Counting with Ten Frames,Counting by 5s


Students rotate between the ONLINE COMPONENT of the stations and the other learning stations. These other stations could include SMALL-GROUP INSTRUCTION with the teacher, COLLARBORATIVE ACTIVITIES with peers, reading or individual projects. Students rotate through all of the stations.


Gratuitous beautiful Moby video below


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