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Station Rotation Model

In this station students will work independently on a short term or long term project. Sometimes it may be paper and pencil, sometimes it may be a hands on activity.

Ms. Miller's Science class

Station 1Independent Work

Station Rotation

Station 2Technology

In this station students will work independently on a computer. I already have a group of computers in my classroom for this use. Using content provided by school or my discretion (Discovery Ed, Khan Academy, PBS, etc.) there may be a video or an iteractive game. Students can also read teacher instructions, grades or thoughts through edmodo to encourage online connections.

Station 4Teacher Directed

Station 3Group work

In this station students will work with the teacher on a brief concept that aligns with the other stations. This is also time for the teacher and student to connect offline.

In this station students will work collaboratively on a project. The project could be short or long term, depending on the conceot and goal of student. Also, sometimes students will use this station as an exploratory center. Using their senses with a variety of science materials; rocks, plant or animal life, water, sand, etc.


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