Static Electricity

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Static Electricity

The balloons have different charges. They attract each other.

If there is a positive and another negative charge they will repel or pull away from each other. This cause an electric force. An electric force is the push or pull between objects that have a different charge. If two objects have the same charge they will push away from each other.

Electric charges are made of atoms. Atoms have three particles, positive, negative, and no charge. When matter has the same number of positive and negative particles it is neutral.

Static electricity is the imbalance of positive (+) and negative (-)charges between objects. Lightning is an example of static electricity. Charged particles move around atoms in storm clouds. The positive particles come come together on top where as negative particles come together on the bottom. Finally, static electricity is released as lightning.

Static Electricity

How charged objects behave

An electric field is the space around electrically charged objects. Scientists draw lines that come from an object. This represents an electric field. Positive electric fields attract negative charges. Negative electric fields repel from each other.

An Electric Field

Electric Charges

How does matter become charged?

The balloons have the same charge. They repel each other.

The balloons have opposite charges. They attract each other.

The balloons have opposite charges. They attract each other.


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