States of matter

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States of matter

The States of Matter

By: Irmak

Sublimation is the process when solids directly turn into a gass because of intense change in temprature or pressure, meaning the particles get really excited.Examples of this is Dry ice.

The particles of a soild are tighly packed together. The particles vibrate and are structered in a lattice formation.


The procces of melting a solid requires heat. The particles become exited an start to move around more freely and detach from their formation.

when a liquid is turned into a gas, it is boiled. Once again the particles become even more exited and start to move with no order.

Solid to a Liquid

Liquids have particles that slide past each other and move around more freely than a sollid. The particles have no set structure and in a random arrangement.


Gasess have particles that float around randomly and don't have a set structure. They also move quite quickly and are far apart.

Liquid to a Gas



Deposition is when a gas turns into a solid without becoming a liquid. For example, sub-freezing ice is depositional. The air becomes so cold that its too cold for it to be a liquid. Other examples are change in pressure



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