States of Matter

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States of Matter

Why does matter matter?

States of Matter

What do trees, air, and water have in common? They all have matter. That means they take up space. You might be wondering why these things look so different if they all have matter. Everything found on Earth can be grouped into one of three states of matter: solid, liquid, or gas.

Figuring out The States of Matter

In order to figure out which state of matter an object fits in, we have to examine its properties. The properties we look at are shape, mass, and volume. Mass is the amount of matter an object has, and volume is the amount of space the matter takes up.

Different types of states of matter


Liquids do not have definite shape, but they do have definite mass and volume. Liquids are similar to solids because their atoms are close together, but what makes a liquid different is that those atoms can move around. Liquids can change shape by flowing. If you’ve ever spilled a glass of milk, then you know it spreads out across the floor. It does this because the milk is taking the shape of the floor. Since liquids do not have a definite shape of their own, they will take the shape of their containers.


Solids are easy to recognize. They have definite shape, mass, and volume. Trees are solids. They are made up of tiny particles called atoms. These atoms are packed closely together, and they hold the solid in a definite shape that does not change.


Gases do not have definite shape or volume. Like liquids, gasses will take the shape of their containers. If a gas is not in a container, it will spread out indefinitely. This is because the atoms in a gas are spaced farther apart than in a solid or a liquid. And being spread out like this allows them to move around freely. Think about the air you breathe everyday. That air is spread across the empty space around the earth. You’ve probably also noticed that you usually cannot see the air. This is another property of gases. Even though we cannot see them, you come in contact with them everyday.


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