States of Matter

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States of Matter

Liquids-one state of matter that has a fixed volume, but no fixed shape. -Like marbles the liquid molecules slide over each other, easily shifting while retaining their available volume.” Because the molecules do not stick together tightly, “the entire mass is free to change shape (or spill on the floor)-Examples of liquids include water, soda, paste, and syrup.

Misconception: Anything that can be poured is a liquid

Misconception: there is no cause of changes in state, they just happen

Truth: temperature change is necessary for changes in state

Have students investigate features with magnifying glasses or microscopes to help classify as solid or liquid.

Change of State-when one state of matter is changed into another-Solids, liquids, and gases have the ability to transform into a different state.- Solids transfrom into liquids, such as ice melting into water.-Liquids may transform into solids, such as water freezing to become ice, or gases, such as water transforming to water vaper through evaporation.-Gases may transform into liquids, such as water vapor cooling and becoming water.

States of Matter

Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Truth: Solids like sand and glitter are not liquids because they maintain their own individual shape.

Do an Oobleck experiment to investigate differences between solids and liquids!


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