States of Matter

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States of Matter

Solids, Liquids and GasesIn a Starbucks

What Is A Solid?

What is a Liquid?

A solid is a firm shape or object. It not not liquid or fluid like.The particles in a solid are tightly packed and vibrate.These are some examples of solids in a Starbucks

A gas is a fluid or airlike substance. Its particles are very spread apart and move around freely and quickly.Here are some examples of gases.

A liquid is a substance that has a water like consistency. The particles in a liquid are less compact than in a solid but more compact than in a gas. They move around freely.

What Is a Gas?

The heat from this coffee is translating onto the cup.The person is holding the cup so their hands get warm from the coffee.

The heat from the oven is going onto the croissant, making it hot.


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