States of Matter

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States of Matter



Solid to liquid: Melting; gain energy and vibrate faster; they overcome attraction an become less organized; melting is completeLiquid to solid: Freezing; as energy decreases, molecules move more slowly; when all molecules are arranged in an organized pattern; freezing is complete. EX.) water freezes into an ice cube

By: Courney Sobolewski

States of Matter


Liquid to gas: Vaporization; the substance must gain enough energy to change from a liquid to a gas; molecules begin to move faster and become more random; an example of this is boiling water. Gas to liquid: Condensation; a gas that loses energy when coming into contact with something EX.) water bottle "sweating"

-What is the name of the phase change?-What is happening to the motion of the particles? -What is happening to the energy during the phase change?

Solid to liquid: MeltingLiquid to solid:FreezingLiquid to gas: VaporizationGas to liquid: CondensationSolid to gas: SublimationGas to solid:Depositoin

Solid to gas: Sublimation; changing directly from a solid to a gas; it gains enough energy to skip the liquid phase; molecules speed up and go from very organized to complete randomness EX.) Moth balls/dry iceGas to solid: Deposition; gas changning directlyto a solid; it quickly loses enough energy to skip the liquid phase; molecules slow down and go from random to an organized pattern; EX.) frost on your windshield


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