States Of Matter

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States Of Matter


What is Matter?

What is a Liquid?

What is a Gas?

States Of Matter



By: Kamora Pope

Physical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit, in physics it means that which occupies space and possess rest mass.

Having a consistency like that of water and oil.

firm and stable in shape.

Solid has both definite volume and shape.

Gases has both an idefinite volume and shape.

Definite or Indefinite?

an airlike fluid substance which expands freely to fill any space available, irrespective of its quantity.

Examples of Solids

Examples of Liquids

Examples of Gases

Liquid to Gas

Liquid to Solid

Solid to Gas

Gas to Liquid

Solid to liquid

Gas to solid

"Sublimation" Solid CO2 turns into the gas when it is room temprature

" Condensation'' Condensation is caused by water vapor that turns to water droplets after being in the cold. into warm air.

" Deposition" it occurs when water vapor is on a window for a long time during winter or cold air.

" Freezing" Freezing occurs when a liquid is frozen or turns into a solid.

" Vaporization " The vaporization is caused by something hot by a liquid and turns it into vapor/gas.

"Melting" Melting occurs when something that is solid turns back into liquid.

Liquids do not have definite shape but they do have a definite volume.

What is a Solid?


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