States of Matter

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States of Matter

Matter is anything that takes up space and has mass. Matter comes in the form of SOLID, LIQUID and GAS


All matter is made up of ATOMS.ATOMs are small particles that make up elements.When two or more atoms join, they form a MOLECULE.

Matter can change from one state to another.What causes this change can be the presence or absence of energy. -Temperature is a form of energy.-If temperature is addedatoms move faster.-If temperature is taken away, atoms move slower.

-Ice when introduced into water, melts, because of the increased heat(energy) in water. -If you heat up water in a pot, at a high enough temperature, water will begin to change into gas state ( EVAPORATES).- When GAS accumulates and cools, it turns into liquid (CONDENSES)

Solid molecules have little energy, resulting in molecules that barely move, shaking in place.

LIIQUID molecules have moderate energy, so they are not firm like solids or untangible like gas.

GAS molecules have lots of energy, resulting in fast movements and particles that spread far apart.

Here is a cool game to help you practice and learn about the states of matter! :SCIENCE KIDS

HELIUM is GAS lighter than oxygen, that causes balloons to float.

Try to identifiy to which state of matter each of these examples belong to.

The states of matter may change of state, when adding or taking away heat. For example:

States Of Matter !


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