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State Report

KentuckyThe Bluegrass StateBy:Jeremy 16

The northern cardinal was designated the state bird of Kentucky in 1926. It is the state bird of 7 states. It also know as the redbird or common cardinal.

The gray squirrel was designated the state wild game animal in 1968. It’s in the rodent family which has been in North America for more than 37 million years.

The tulip poplar was designated the state tree of Kentucky in 1994. It’s also known as the whitewood or fiddle-tree.

Coal was designated as the “state mineral” of Kentucky in 1998. Coal is a fossil fuel, not mineral. Also, coal is a sedimentary rock.

The goldenrod was designated the state flower of Kentucky in 1926. There are over 50 species of the goldenrod in North America and most of them are very similar.

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