State of water

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State of water

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Rain, Snow, Sleet, and Hail

Rain is the most comon kind of precipatationand is made in liquid form

Snow is another kind of precipatation that changes from gas to solid amidiatly and does not go through the liqiud phase. Snow forms in tiny crystals, depending on the temperature when it forms it my look like a star, a plate or a needle.

Sleet:Sleet is liqiud water that freezes before it hits the ground. Freezing rain is rain that freezes after it hits the ground. As the rain continues to freeze, it can become very heavy on tree limbs and power lines.

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Hail is water that gets caught in strong upward moving winds. The water will freeze, then start to fall, with more water attaching to the hailstone. This can get sent back up into the freezing air several times. Each time the air pulls the hailstone up, a layer of ice is formed. Once the hail is too heavy or the strong upward winds weaken, the hail will fall to the ground. Most hail is small, some hailstones can be as big as softballs.


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