State of Matter

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State of Matter

States Of Matter

Kiara Garrett2nd Period

What is Matter?

Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space.

For example, Wood is matter because it is rigid and lightweight, wood is a good choice for furniture and buildings.




What is a solid?

Solid refers to the state of matter in which the particles are locked into place without freedom or movement.

The pictures above are representing examples of solids.

What is a Liquid?

A liquid is a state of matter. It flows and can change its shape. It's not easily compressible and maintains a relatively fixed volume.

On the right is how the particles work. The particles in a liquid are close together with no regular arrangement

What is a Gas?

A gas assumes the shape and volume of its container.

To the left is how gas particles work. Particles in a gas vibrate and move freely at high speeds. They are well seperated with no regular arrangement.

Solid to Liquid?

When the solid object turns into a liquid it melts because of heat.

Ice cubes are a good example. Ice cubes are solid in the freezer, but will change into their liquid state when left on the counter.

Liquid to Gas?

When boiling the liquid/solid is heated to gas or When the air/room temperture is hotter than the surface of the solid so the water turns into water vapor meaning it evaporates.

Solid to Gas?

A solid that turns straight into gas without turning to a liquid goes through a process is called Sublimation.

An example of this at normal atmosperic pressure is carbon dioxide (Dry Ice) that will convert straight from the solid into gasesous state.


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