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State & Local Government

*I live in Brockton, Massachusetts.

State & Local Government.

*Massachusetts Attorney General: Maura Healy is the Massachusetts Attorney General. She is a chief lawyer and law enforcement officer of the commonwealth of massachusetts.

*Massachusetts Speaker of the House of RepresentativesRobert A. Deleo is the speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. The speaker appoints House committee chairpersons and appoints a leadership team made up of of the Speaker pro Tempore, the Majority Floor Leader, Assistant Majority Floor Leader, and Second Assistant Majority Floor Leader.

*Secretary of State: William Francis Galvin is the Massachusetts Secretary of state. The Secretary manages public records divisions and manages business and economic development.

*President of the Senate:Stanley C. Rosenberg is the President of the Senate. His responsibilities are to lead the senate and set the agenda and priorities for the season.

*Massachusetts Governor: The governor of Massachusetts is Charlie Baker. Two responsibilities of the governor are legislative and executive duties, such as carrying out state laws and carrying out new policies and programs.


The City of Brockton

*Lieutenant Governor Link:

*The Mayor of Brockton:Bill Carpenter is the mayor of Brockton. The mayor has both Legislative and Functional roles. The mayor is the head of the city council meetings and is in charge of keeping the policies of the law.

*Two members from city council: Timothy Cruise and Thomas Monahan, their responsibilities are to make resolutions and keep regulations of the city.

International events local governments need to respond to: Disaster Recovery is one event where local governments may need to respond to.Local governments would have to respond to terrorist attacks and health issues.

*Two members from my city’s town’s school committee Link:

Massachusetts State House

The House Chamber

Maura Healy

Charlie Baker

Brockton's Statue of famous Brockton Boxer Rocky Marciano


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