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State Georgia

State Quarter:The Georgia state quarter is designed with the state fruit (peach) and state outline in the middle with their motto (wisdom, justice, and moderation). On the sides are branches with the state name and the statehood date at the top.

History of Georgia:In 1732, a man named James Oglethorpe asked King George 2nd for a land in North America so the poor can start a new life. With granted permission, they settled in a land between the Altamaha and Savannah rivers, and named it Georgia in honor of their king. Later in 1788, it was declared the fourth state of the United States.

State Seal

Bibliography:Images from summarized from Wikipedia and book, AmericaTheBeautiful: Georgia by G. S. Prentzas, copyright date 2008

State SymbolsState Bird: Brown ThrasherState Tree: Live OakState Flower: Cherokee Rose and Azalea (state wild flower)State Insect: Honey BeeState Butterfly: Tiger SwallowtailState Marine Mammal: Right WhaleState Crop: PeanutsState Reptile: Gopher TortoiseState Fish: Largemouth BassState Seashell: Knobbed WhelkState Fossil: Shark ToothState Fruit: PeachState Game Bird: Bobwhite QuailState Gem: QuartzState Mineral: StauroliteState Song: Georgia On My Mind

State Nicknames:Peach State, Empire State of the South

Six Flags Over Georgia:Six Flags Over Georgia is about 290 acres, located in Austell, Georgia. Opened in 1967, it was known as the second park in the Six Flags Chain.

Georgia Aquarium:Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world! It has about 500 species of marine animals and houses 120,000 animals, since it opened in 2005.

State License Plate and Stamp

Major Industries:Wood: wood is one of the leading industries because in Georgia, there is an abundance of trees.Peaches: peaches are one of the leading industries, since it is the state fruit.

State LandmarkMartin Luther King Jr. Historic Site: it includes King's boyhood, the Ebenezer Baptist Church, the church he pastored, and his tomb. It also describes his life and how he changed America, making him part of the American history.

Georgia FactDid you know Stone Mountain is one of the largest masses with graphite?

Facts About Georgia's State Flag:The goverment of Gerogia kept modifying the flag eight times (including the recent flag, shown here).Georgia's state flag has three bands of red and white with a blue canton. The blue canton contains Georgia's coat of arms and thirteen stars, resembling the thirteen colonies.

Capital FactsThe Cyclorma Building in Atlanta is the largest mural in the world. It is 385 feet long, viewing the Civil War Battle in Atlanta.Atlanta is sometimes nicknamed the "city in the forest" because there is a large amount of trees.

Georgia FactDid you know that in Georgia, there is 250 species, mainly for commercial importance.

Tourist TrapsCoca Cola: is beverage industry that sells varieties of soda. The first Coca Cola company was founded in 1886, Atlanta, Georgia, selling beverages around the world!

Georgia Fact:Did you know Georgia is the top producer of peaches, peanuts, and pecans?


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