[2015] lawrence gallo: State Flag

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[2015] lawrence gallo: State Flag

the stae flag was born in 2003It was some of a sign to the confederate

State Flag

GeorgiaState symbols

Georgia State Tree

Named by the sweetest onion it made its debute in 1990

Wisdom, Justice,Moderation

Was adopted by the constitution each piller is a branch of the government.

State Motto

State insect

State Seal

State Fruit

State Nickname

Where Georgia Got its name

Named after the peach For being the stae with peaches with surpreme texture and flavor

Named after King George II

Georgia was the state song due to its dedication to the artist Ray Charles

Georgia has the biggest penut record and has the most

The peach is the fruit even though we dont grow the most ours are the best in the world


State Vegetable

State Crop

State Flower

State Bird

Georgia's state song

The Honey Bee made its debute in 1975 making it where to by that the honey bee contributed to the Georgia's economy

This cherokee rose made its debute to state flower 1916 with support of the Women's Club.

Googlehistoricschoology powerpoint for idea's.

The Brown Thrasher made its debute 1935 and making its reconization in 1970 by the request of the garden club of Georgia

This Southern live Oak made its Debute in 1937 named by how they were hurricane ressistant and are still in historical towns



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