State and Local Government

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State and Local Government

The Lt. Governor of Massachussetts is Karyn Polito. She addresses the office of the governor, and takes over if the governor experiences a disability or death.

Robert DeLeo, MA Speaker of the House of Representatives, represents voters in their congressional district, and supports the citizen's needs, votes on key legislation, conducts town halls, and meetings in district.

Lt. Governor




Mayor of Brockton, Bill Carpenter, conducts the council and council meetings, and provides leadership and guidance to the community



The Governor of Massachussetts is Charlie Baker; he signs and vetos bills from the legislature and Commander in chief of the state's military.


Andrew Robinson, Allisha Clark-Wilsonare both memebrs of Brockton's school committee; they maintain policies, and monitor the budget for the school system.

School Committee

Timothy Cruise and Thomas Monaha, members of the city council, judge the qualification and election of its own members, and manage the city’s financial operations.

Attorney General Maura Healey of Massachussetts, supervises the operations of the 5 bureaus- executive, business and labor, protection, criminal, government and public protection, and is the lawyer for the State.

Attorney General

City Council

State and Local Government

He is the President of the Senate in MA. Rosenberg leads the Senate and sets the agenda and priorities for the season.

Stan Rosenberg

MA State


William Francis Galvin, the Ma Secretary of State, carries out the President’s foreign policies through the State Department and the Foreign Service of the United States, and conducts negotiations relating to U.S. foreign affairs.

Secretary of State

The international events local governments might need to respond to are terrorist attacks, disaster recovery, and extreme weather.

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