State and Local Government

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State and Local Government

The governor is Charlie Baker. His reponsibilities are to carry out state laws and carry out new programs and policies.Karyn Polito is the liuetenant governor. Her responsibilities are to help out on state boards and task forces.Robert A. DeLeo is the Massachusetts speaker at the House of Representatives. His responsibilities are to appoint a leadership team and appoint House committee chairpersons.The Massachusetts Secretary of State is William F. Galvin. Two of his responsibilities are to keep track of public records and business records.Maura Healey is the Massachusetts Attorney General. Her responsibilities are to be in charge of the commonwealth and she also has responsibilities in the six Bureaus: executive, criminal, energy and environment, government, health care and fair competition and public protection and advocacy. Links

I live in Brockton.The Mayor of Brockton is Bill Carpenter. The Mayor has the responsibilities of being at council meetings and be the head of the city for ceremonial and military purposes. Thomas Monahan and Dennis Eaniri are members of Brockton’s City Council. Members of the City Council need to handle the Law Department and the City Solicitor.Local governments might need to respond to public safety, whether there is a threat or an act of terrorism. They would also have to respond to health issues, like if there is some kind of pandemic going around.Links

State and Local Government



Senate Chambers

Robert A. DeLeo

Charlie Baker

Bill Carpenter

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