State and Local Government

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Politicians and Presidents

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State and Local Government

State 1. The governor of Massachusetts is Charlie Baker. He is here to make Massachusetts a great place to work, live and raise a family. Charlie Baker pledged to create a growing economy that opens up a gap, allowing children to attend schools across the commonwealth, regardless of zip code. 2. The Lt. Governor of Massachusetts is Karyn Polito. Lt. Governor Polito’s job is to promote jobs and economic development, and inspiring young people to explore different careers in science and technology. 6. The Massachusetts Attorney General is Maura Healey, she leads our peoples law firm. She addresses issues that affect the lives of residents across Massachusetts, like drugs. She is committed to making sure that everyone is treated fairly

State 3. The Massachusetts President of the Senate is Stanley Rosenberg. His job is to lead the senate and set the agenda and priorities for the session. He also presides over sessions, interprets rules, and answers parliamentary questions. 4. The Massachusetts speaker of the House of Representatives is Robert DeLeo. He appoints a leadership team and makes appointments that are subject to ratification of a majority party vote. 5. The Massachusetts Secretary of the state is William Francis Galvin. He is the president's chief foreign affairs adviser. He carries out the president's foreign policies through the state department and the foreign service department.

Local13. Governments should address, and fix the problem of everyday people abusing drugs. They should not only overlook teens, but also adults. 12. Two members of Brockton's school committee are Allisha Clark and Andrew Robinson, and people among the school board oversee public schools, and help out with decision making, and fix any problems. 11. Two members of Brockton’s city council, are Timothy Cruise and Thomas Monahan. People of our city council set and direct policies for our government.

State and Local Government

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