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State and Local Government

State and Local Governments

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2. The Massachusetts Lt. Governor is Karyn Polito. One responsibility is, to take charge and go in place of the Governor when he is outside of Massachusetts. Another responsibility is to be the leader of the award selection committee.

1. The Governor of Massachusetts is Charlie Baker. One responsibility is, gathering soldiers for training, marches, and other military events. Another responsibility could be, giving advice on the organization and ruling of the soldiers.

4. The Massachusetts Speaker of the House of Representatives is Robert DeLeo. One responsibility of this person is to represent voters as a Member of Congress. Another is, being the leader of the majority political party in the House.

5. The Massachusetts Secretary of State is William F. Galvin. One responsibility of this person is to make sure there is protection of the records for government. Another is to help with government agencies.

7. The Massachusetts legislature in the Senate is Stanley C. Rosenberg. The legislature in the House of Representatives is Robert A. DeLeo.

3. The Massachusetts President of the Senate is Stan Rosenberg. Two responsibilities of this person are to answer Parliamentary questions and inquiries and protect order and decorum and good manners of the Chamber.

3.Timothy Cruise and Dennis Eaniri are two members of Brockton’s City Council. Two responsibilities are controlling the city and setting limits.

4. Two members of my city’s school committee are Denis Feely and Wayne McAllister. Two responsibilities of are setting goals and policies for school in the district and organizes the school budget.

5. The international events that local governments might need to respond to are serious problems like threats to school (for example ISIS) and hurricanes.

1. Brockton

2. Bill Carpenter is the Mayor of Brockton. Two responsibilities of this person are to show leadership and guidance to our community and be the head officer at council meetings.

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Mayor of Brockton:Bill Carpenter

Governor of MA:Charlie Baker

Massachusetts State House



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