[2014] AB20251: State and Local Government

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[2014] AB20251: State and Local Government

The Government of Massachusetts is made up of many people who help to run this state. The Governor of Massachusetts is Deval Patrick, and hi Lt. Governor was Tim Murray, until he resigined. It's the Governor's job to implement state laws, as well as improve the old ones. Massachusetts has a senate as well, and its president is Therese Murray. She leads the senate thorugh its session, along with creating priorities for the group. The Speaker of the House of Representatives is Robert A. DeLeo. He creates a leadership team, along with a house of chairpersons. Lastly, the Scretary of State is William Glavin, who maintains public records, and stores historical data. The Attorney General is Martha Coakley, whose responsibilities include giving public information, and protecting the public interest.

Local Government

Stoughton Massachusetts has its own town government as well! The Town Manager of Stoughton is Michael J. Hartman, and Town Managers carry out the policies that are created by the selectmen, and create long-term plans for the town. Cynthia Walsh and David Sousa are members of the Board of Selectmen, and they are a town's cheif policy and planning board, as well as a licensing authority. Lastly, Carol Brown and Erdum Ural are members of the School Commitee, which establishes educational goals, and policies within schools.

Massachusetts State House

Old State House


State Government

State and Local Government

Selectmen Debate

Governor Deval Patrick


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