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The closest star to Earth is the sun. It is actually a pretty average star. But the sun is much closer to Earth than most stars.If you were traveling at the speed of light it would take about eight minutes to get to the sun, but if you wanted to go to the second closest star (the sun is the closest) it would take about four years.

Bill Nye

But not all stars are that close. Some stars are sofar away that it can take twenty years to get there if you were traveling at the speed of light. That means that some of the light that you see from some stars is twenty years old.

FUN FACTThere are way more than 200 BILLION stars in the universe

The brightness of a star depends on the size and how far it is from us. So part of the brightness may be that is much closer to us than another star. Also, bigger stars are normally brighter than smaller stars. An example is the North Star. It is about a million times bigger than our sun but since it is much farther than the sun it appears to be much smaller.

Some stars always stand out because of their brightness. Their brightness is a factor of the energy they put out, called their luminosity. Another factor is also how far away from Earth theyare. Hot stars are white and blue but cooler starsare red and orange.

By: Mina and Kiana


Stars are continuosly burning balls of gas.


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