Stars Algebra Project

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Algebra I

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Stars Algebra Project

Main Sequence Stars, Red Giant Stars, White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, Black Holes, Brown Dwarfs, Variable Stars.Age, diameter, chemical composition, temperature , mass, rotation, magnetic field are characteristics of the star.

Stars are related to algebra in many ways. For example in the project in order for us to be able to know their location we had to find its two points in a cordite plane. Once we found it we needed to plot them in the paper. In real life stars are classified by luminosity and colour, to classify them they use equations to get the final answer of the classification. They use all kinds of real numbers and division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.

7 Types of Stars + Characteristics

Relation with Algebra



At the end making this project helped us work more on plotting and finding the points of each constellation. Even though it was a simple project that did not include hard math problems, we had to do it exact because any type of mistake could make our stars not the same as in the paper. We also learned the connection with algebra and how in the topic of stars there is used a lot of equations that we are using in class.

Conclusion + Connection to class




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