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Stargirl is a protagonist because she is a kind, honest girl who only wants to make everybody else happy. Even though she's so different and quirky, the reader wants her to make friends at school and win Leo's heart.

Likes: Her pet rat Cinnamon, sending people annoymous birthday cards, cheering for both teams, dancing in the rain

DynamicAt the beginning of the book, Stargirl moves to a new school and belives in peace, love, and harmony. She doesn't care what the other kids think of her. She brings her pet rat to school, dances in the rain, and sings happy birthday to kids she doesn't know in the cafeteria.The change...Stargirl has a HUGE crush on Leo, but Leo begins losing all of his friends once he starts dating her. Desperate to keep Leo, Stargirl changes her name back to Susan, wears trendy clothing, and begins acting like all the other kids at the school. She becomes obsessed with being “accepted” and popular.This plan doesn't exactly work out for Stargirl and Leo... read the book to find out what happens!


Age: 16

Physical Features:1920's flapper clothes, no makeup

Character Traits:Carefree, Generous, Courageous



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