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Starfish body parts.

Body Description They can be blue,orange,red,purple,pink,and brown.There's 1,600 species!They can have 50 legs.They live in big groups.They expand their belly to digesttheir prey.

Starfish breathe throughtwo mechanisms.Oxygen from the waterand tube feet that also scatter the body surface.

They can live on rocks & by the shore. They can live in the Pacific,Atlantic,Southern,and in the Artic Ocean.

By:Allisson Hewitt

Method Of Reproduction The female lays the eggs & the male fertilizes them.

Method Of Feeding They expand their belly then they swallow their prey.Such as barnacles,snails,small fish,and mussels.

Special Adaptations Their suctions on their legs help them stick to a rock so they dont get pushed away.Also t they keep the babys under the older starfishs.

Body MovementThey can deattach from the rock their on and jump to a different rock.Or they can crawl around.

Fun FactsStarfish have no brain or blood.When starfish loose a arm they can grow it back! Starfish are not really fish. There was a starfish 450,000,000 years old.

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20 Legged starfish.

Underwater starfishs.


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