Stardust Mission

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Stardust Mission

Stardust Mission

Government Funding The government should continue funding the Stardust mission because it is one of the more successful missions. It is the first mission to gather interstellar dust, which will help us understand the history of how our solar system was formed by analyzing the chemical and physical composition of the dust brought back to Earth.•The mission has a relatively low cost.•It has a good success rate because it will be “in the right place at the right time” as the comet travels at its lowest speed.•Comet Wild 2 contains much of the ancient dust and gases, making is an ideal choice for study.

Travel into SpaceStardust has traveled nearly seven years and about 3.22 billion kmStardust flew within 149 miles of Comet Wild 2 (pronounced Vilt-2)The released capsule returned January 15, 2006 Scientists discovered glycine, a building block of life, in the dust sample. This supports the theory that life on Earth could have come from a meteorite or comet impact!!!

Stardust Mission Overview

Launch Date: February 7, 1999

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Mission Purpose

Created by: Mrs. Bachmann

Destination:Comet Wild 2

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