Starchy Carbohydrates

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Starchy Carbohydrates

HOW TO CUT DOWN ON SUGARY AND FATTY FOODS!Eat less sugar based foods. only drink water inbetween meals eat sugar less frequently. if your hungry have a piece of fruitor a caarbohydrate food!

Eat starchy carbhydrates than fatty and sugary food!

foods that are rich in cabohydrate are a good source of fibre. this isgood because fibre helps the digestive system.m starchy carbohydrates are low in fat. it fills us up so we dont snack alot and become overweight. starchy foods our bread pasta,cornflakes, flour, peas and potatos.

50% of your energy should come from starchy carbohydrates. A diet in starchy carbahydrate is very healthy as it helps your blood sugars stay constant. foods such as potatos bread and pastata provide us with protien,vitimans, fibre aswell as carbohydrates. fruit and vegatables are low in fat and help us fill up.

Starchy Carbohydrates.

SUGARY AND FATTY FOODS!Sugary and fatty foods can cause tooth decay and can make you obease. sugary and fatty foods are chacalate, coke, sugar,butter,sweets,coccopops,jam.


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